Few Moments of Fun With “CA Om Pawan Kumar Singla”

May 23, 2018

On celebration of Golden jubilee of Funny Club, Mr. Om Pawan Kumar Singla was the special invitee. Fengshu,Chairman of club, requested to Mr. Singla to teach jumble of math  to club members within a few moments so that the members can make their day to day calculation at their own. Thanks to Mr. Singla for agreed of our request within no time.  Face to face discussion held by Fengshu in presence of audience of Club is reproduced here….

Fengshu Asks:- Hello Mr. Singla warm welcome on this occasion.

Mr. Singla:- Thanks to all of you (with smiling on his face…)

Fengshu :- Hey Mr. Singla, I know CA’s are very intelligent in math. They calculate all the things very sharply and within fraction of seconds. Is it true..

Mr. Singla Replied :- A smile come on Mr. Singla’s face and said Mr Fengshu ..have you any doubt…

Fengshu smile and Asked :- Our club want to check a sample of this technique.

Mr. Singla :- Fengshu, you give me any problem, we solve it in the presence of all, so that they can check and learn.

Fengshu Asked :- Sir, how to divide 25 by 5?

Mr. Singla Replied :- After smiling the face…it is very simple, please carefully watch…

So answer is 14.

Fengshu Asks :- Very good sir. Can be cross check the answer, whether it is correct or not?

Mr. Singla Said :- Why not, every answer of math is verifiable for its accuracy.

Fengshu Asks :- CA sahib, check it up by adding 14+14+14+14+14 (means five times of 14). It should be equal to 25.

Mr. Singla Said :- Yes, of course, very simple, look..

Now, ok, it is equal to 25.

Fengshu Asks his members :- Is it Ok or any doubt.

Some Club Members :- Mr. Singla, we want to verify it by multiplying 5×14. It should be equal to 25.

Fengshu Asks :- Mr. CA, is it possible to answer the members’ query?

Mr. Singla Said :- (with smiling face..) everything is possible for me to answer… look carefully …

Now the answer is 25.

Have any doubt to you or your club members, Mr. Fengshu.

Fengshu said :- Really Mr. Singla, CA’s are great. We never forget these tips of math. Further we will try to teach our kids or try to get the appointment for few tips for our kids.

Mr. Singla :- Thanks for giving me this opportunity… further math teacher are the best for your kids… because we very hectic in schedule… kindly donot mind Mr. Fengshu ..

After that Fengshu said we finish the slot over here..we will do meetings again.



for circulation of funny club members who were present at that time..

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