Client Discussion With “CA Om Pawan Kumar Singla”

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September 29, 2017
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November 21, 2017

Client Discussion With “CA Om Pawan Kumar Singla”

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Client Asks:- Mr. Singla, please narrate some of the most important roles of CA’s for Govt. Departments.

CA Singla:- CAs are considered the most competent persons with regard to Accounts and Audit. All the government audits, it be Income Tax audit, Service Tax audit, CAG audits or forensic audit, almost all of them are conducted by CAs. Hence they help the Government in revenue collection and finds out fraud if any committed by entities.

Client Asks:- Mr. Singla, please tell me the role of your parent body i.e. ICAI.

CA Singla:- Sir … CA institute i.e. ICAI is the main consultant of regulators for framing rules and regulations regarding Accountancy and Auditing.

Client Asks:- Singla Sir, can you tell me some …some.. department wise role of CA’s..

CA Singla:- Sir, why not.. please note, It is seen that CAs are the main consultants of SMEs. They consult them not only in legal matters but also in there day to day operations. With the experience of audits of many entities and due to closely watching growth of many business, CAs often provides valuable suggestions to them helping them to grow.

You can have an idea of the role of CAs by referring to some of there alumnis. Some of famous ones are:

1. Kumar Manglam Birla ji …. Birla Group
2. Suresh Prabhu ji … Railway Minister
3. Piyush Goyal ji …. Energy Minister 
4. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala … Pioneer Investor 
Sir, on one statement of our Jhunjhunwala… 100-200 point market index can move up or down.
5. Deepak Parekh … HDFC head

Sir, there are so many other names.

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