Client Discussion With “CA Om Pawan Kumar Singla”

Client Discussion With “CA Om Pawan Kumar Singla”
November 21, 2017
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December 18, 2017

Client Discussion With “CA Om Pawan Kumar Singla”

After celebration of silver jubilee in profession by Mr. Singla, one of another Client fix a interview with CA Singla to ask some questions…here are some questions asked by Client to Mr. Singla..

Client Asks:- Hello Mr. Singla how you feel you are sitting in front with me.

Mr. Singla Replied:- After smiling on his face…it is look like another interview with different host.

Client Asks:- Hey Mr. Singla, I know you really feel inferiority complex because I grow many fold since start of journey in business as compare..

Mr. Singla Replied :- A smile come on Mr. Singla’s face and said my clients grow manifold with my advice even bigger than yourself and they all are my assets… kindly sum up and then compare.

Client smile and Asks :- You did really great job in profession you completely change the meaning of profession..

Mr. Singla Replied :- Mr. Singla again smile and said not completely before doing that you call me..

Client Asks :- You know you grown number of client like a Banyan tree and having good facilities to enjoy.

Mr. Singla Replied :- After smiling the face…I have many skills, with it, I can change the meaning of facilities.. all such infrastructure holders are my clients like yourself. In my profession, I just need the client who can work as per my advice like yourself  to start.

Client Asks :- How you feel your professional death will be due to critical illness.

Mr. Singla Said :- Actually I feel I will have a cause for death. I know when I have to die.. when professionals will have no solutions of the client’s problems.

Client Asks :- How you feel if your clients are not with you and you alone after that.

Mr. Singla Said :- I have only asset is my skills, my character, that is with me now as well that’s why I am sitting with you.

Client Asks :- How did you achieve all this what special you did.

Mr. Singla Said :- I simply did my work daily.. daily. I compare me with my self..daily..daily. I have competition with me only. I try to do better from last day..daily..daily.

Client Asks :- You have lots of fans and some want to spent day with you to learn something from you earn something from you what you think about it.

Mr. Singla Said :- It looks like a dream when people loves you..if people want earn from me Simply join Me. If learn from me I only say “Do your work with dedication” don’t learn from other life experiences “Learn from your practical life experiences”.

Client Asks :- Do you want to see how your company is doing now from here.

Mr. Singla Replied :- I already said now I am here my plan to make my Profession the best..the best. All resources in my profession working for the best.. the best in absence of me. Whosoever don’t believe in the best.. the best are not joining to us.

Client Asks :- Where you can see yourself after 5 year

Mr. Singla Replied :- I never counts over when I was in limited period game now I have unlimited over to play so not care about it. I simply have to do my work.

Client Asks :- What if you will be transfer to business from Profession

Mr. Singla Replied :- It is just appear only the name difference from me. When I know I have to work in Business only it is for me like profession..Where I work is my profession.

Client Asks :- When and where you want to be work again.

Mr. Singla Replied :- It is the your only decision I don’t want to be involve in that. I just know one thing when I work and where I work not matter, I do the same always that I did.

Client Asks :- What if you are not special person and not adviser of big company.

Mr. Singla Replied:- I never think I am special, I am a simple person with some dreams like all other persons. I born like others..I die like others. I don’t believe to be remain adviser of big companies only, but I believe in how much small companies brought in the list of big companies. I don’t want to add my name with big company. But I believe in how much big companies want to with my name.

After that Client said we finish the interview over here..we will do meetings again.



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