Client Discussion With “CA Om Pawan Kumar Singla”

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November 21, 2017
Client Discussion With “CA Om Pawan Kumar Singla”
November 22, 2017

Client Discussion With “CA Om Pawan Kumar Singla”

After celebration of silver jubilee in profession by Mr. Singla, Client fix a interview with CA Singla to ask some questions… here are some questions asked by Client to Mr. Singla..

Client Asks:- Hello Mr. Singla how you feel you are sitting in front with me.

Mr. Singla Replied:- After smiling on his face…it is look like another interview with different host.

Client Asks:- What are the role of Chartered Accountants in economy:

Mr. Singla Replied:- This is very interesting question. I can talk on this for years on roles of CAs.

Client Asks:- Mr. Singla, please narrate some of the most important ones.

Mr. Singla:- CAs constitute the foremost stratum of vigil apparatus for the audits of the corporate. The financial statements of almost all the corporate are obligatory to be audited by CA’s before they can be placed before general public. CAs ensures that all the pertinent laws are complied with before the Financial Statements are out for public.

Due to this, the financial statements portray true & fair view of the operation of the corporate. The corporate cannot window dress there financials hence stakeholders like shareholders, creditors, financiers etc can take informed decision about the company.

Client Said: With smiling on face…there is a very famous saying:
” It be a Govt; TATA, RELIANCE, Adani or BIRLA their financials have no value until certified it by a CA…. “.

Mr. Singla: Thanks sir… sir… That’s your great complements… so nice of u….

Please be in touch for next part of discussion….

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